E-261: Crown Royal XO; Partagas Aniversario & Casa Toreno Conn; Value of VP Payback

Podcast 261, 3/5/2016 … To begin with, we must thank our good friend Mitchel Leadbeater from Canada for his incredibly kind Vice Lounge Online Facebook Fan Page comments! Thanks to his feedback, we decided it was time to review the top of the (at least here in Michigan) Crown Royal XO blended Canadian whiskey. Then another VLO Facebook Fan Page member, Amy Grant, had a question about how to best maintain an open collection of whiskey bottles. If you’re NOT a member of the VLO Facebook Fan page (there’s a link below) you’re really missing out on some great discussions going on over there. You should request membership today!

Then Tony and Jason do a couple cigar reviews. First up: Tony discusses the Casa Torano Connecticut cigar he had this past week. It was an “OK” cigar, specifically, he ranked it as a “B” quality smoke…not the best he’s had–but certainly not the worst. Then Jason discusses the Partagas Aniversario smoke that he got to enjoy and he very much enjoyed its flavors. Have you ever tried this smoke? What were your impressions?

Finally, the gentlemen talk about the value of video poker payback and where best to look for them (and conversely, where to avoid VP machines, to ensure the best percentage payback).

Remember: Louisville, KY and the 5th Anniversary of the Vice Lounge Online will take place Thursday, March 31 – Sunday, April 3 at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana and downtown Louisville. We’re going to check out the Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve distilleries! Plus we’ll be having dinner at Doc Crow’s and Jeff Ruby while in town. If you think you might swing by and hang out with us, please make sure to let us know so we can include you in the RSVP numbers we’re giving to our contacts!

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3 thoughts on “E-261: Crown Royal XO; Partagas Aniversario & Casa Toreno Conn; Value of VP Payback

  1. Mike Reply

    While in general your VP advice is good, there are a few casinos with full-pay 9/6 JoB (the Main Street Station downtown has full-pay at the Boar’s Head bar) you need to let listeners know about.

    BTW, what VP bars are using the red light/green light system? I hadn’t heard about that.

  2. Matt Easton Reply

    I just listened to your review of the Crown Royal XO. and I’m interested. I am From Alberta and a Crown Fan in general. I would love for you guys to review the Nothern Harvest Crown Royal as it’s won the Wiskey of the year from some bloke in Scottland. I finally got my hands on a bottle and I didn’t like it. I’d like to know why you boys think. There is also a Crown Black I think you’d enjoy and a crown Apple that you would like but Don’t thik straight is the way to drink it. All of these are considerably cheap. 20-35 a bottle. Let me know what you think. I’ve only ever tried one or 2 Burbans. But would like to expand my pallet. But am looking for some recomendations from somone who is expeirenced and can make a recomendation based on my Love of Canadain Rye. (it’s usually sweet).

    Thank you



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