E-263: 1792; Malt Liquor v. Malt Whiskey; Cigar Ambassador; Ho Chunk Casino

Podcast 263, 3/20/2016 … This time we drink the 1792, thanks to a previous review by our friend Duane! Then we discuss the difference between ‘malt liquor’ and ‘malt whiskey’. From there we roll into a phone call from Ted at Access Vegas who reminds us we’re Cigar Ambassadors when we’re out in public (like a casino) with our cigars. That causes us to discuss all the ways to be respectful with our cigars when we’re at a casino. Lastly, Jason talks a bit about the Ho Chunk casino in Wisconsin.

Remember: Louisville, KY and the 5th Anniversary of the Vice Lounge Online will take place Thursday, March 31 – Sunday, April 3 at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana and downtown Louisville. We’re going to check out the Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve distilleries! Plus we’ll be having dinner at Doc Crow’s and Jeff Ruby while in town. If you think you might swing by and hang out with us, please make sure to let us know so we can include you in the RSVP numbers we’re giving to our contacts!

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7 thoughts on “E-263: 1792; Malt Liquor v. Malt Whiskey; Cigar Ambassador; Ho Chunk Casino

  1. Mike Reply

    You guys gotta get the comments feature fixed. 70% of my comments fail to post.

    • jason Reply

      With what kind of error? Is it a site error, or a Disqus error? I’m not seeing a record of routine failures in the audit log.

  2. Mike Reply

    I will say that “Ted” is a little more polite than I am. I won’t dress up to have a cigar (the clothes you wear won’t make people who hate smoke/cigars any more tolerant) but I do avoid sitting near people who aren’t smoking when I am at a VP machine and I usually don’t smoke at BJ or craps tables anymore.

    • jason Reply

      I now know why. Our current host’s server is consistently running above 80% CPU utilization. They’ve stuffed too many clients onto one box. I’m migrating my cluster of sites off this client and toward a different one, but it might be a late spring/early summer project. Alas. The current host used to be top-notch. Now? Not so much.

  3. Mike Reply

    Thanks for solving it. I look forward to posting easily again.

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