E-264: VLO Smash Cocktail; San Lotano Oval Conn. & Padron Damaso; Blackjack Tips

Podcast 264, 3/27/2016 … Sorry for the delay friends. Between car shopping for the wife and Easter today, I wasn’t able to get our podcast posted as early as usual. BUT…at least I still got it up on Sunday, per the usual. The upside: I’ve already edited & posted 265 for next week, so expect that at the usual before 6 am (EST)!

This week Jason and I review the VLO Smash. It’s a bourbon drink but we actually made it two different ways, and the flavor change was really noticeable! Then Jason review for us the Padron Damaso cigar! What’s exciting about this smoke is that it’s the first “mild” cigar that Padron has produced. These guys are very well known for their extremely strong smoke. Tony was graciously provided a San Lotano Oval Connecticut cigar by the Denton, Dallas & Beyond crew while he was down in Texas. This is an excellent AJ Fernandez cigar and one that folks who enjoy mild/medium cigars will appreciate.

After that, we give you some Blackjack Tips. Some of them are a “reminder” of things we’ve shared with you before, some are brand new bits of trivia. If you’re a blackjack player, it’s important to remember these tips next time you head into the casino.

Remember: Louisville, KY and the 5th Anniversary of the Vice Lounge Online will take place Thursday, March 31 – Sunday, April 3 at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana and downtown Louisville. We’re going to check out the Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve distilleries! Plus we’ll be having dinner at Doc Crow’s and Jeff Ruby while in town. If you think you might swing by and hang out with us, please make sure to let us know so we can include you in the RSVP numbers we’re giving to our contacts!

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