The VLO DTCBOF for #VLO5Anniversary

Whew, that’s a lot of acronyms! Here is the official Vice Lounge Online Danny Tanner Clipboard of Fun schedule for the upcoming #VLO5Anniversary party! We’re encouraging anyone that will be in town and wants to hang out together to join us in the festivities. Remember, you can track where we are and what’s going on by following us on twitter (@viceloungol) throughout the trip! Ok, so let’s get started…

Thursday (3/31):
• Tony’s tentative arrival to Horseshoe S. Indiana at 4 pm (all times are EST, as that is the time zone in which Louisville is located.)
• Adult beverage at Envy Bar & Lounge (or general vicinity on Deck 2 of casino) at 6 pm
• Dinner at The Spread’ Buffet (classy name, CET) at 7:30 pm
• Casino gaming, premium cigars and fine adult beverages. ALL NIGHT LONG!

Friday (4/1):
• Today is going to be the day you’ll have to be most flexible. Maker’s Mark will NOT book a specific time, despite having 14 tickets reserved for Friday, 4/1.
–From their website: “Reservation Policies: There are no specific tour times. Upon arrival, you will be placed on the next available tour. Tours run 9:30 am – 3:30 pm EST Monday-Friday.”
–You should let Tony know what your preferred method of communication would be (text or Twitter DM) to ensure you know what’s going on.
Bogan from SC comes into town in the morning and plans to meet us at Maker’s Mark so our tour time goal is 11 am or Noon.
• Lunch TBD
• Check-in to Galt House (et. al.) around 3 pm.
• Drinks at Jockey Silks (Galt House hotel) at 4 pm [first official stop on the Urban Bourbon Trail—make sure to get your Passport book then!]
• Drinks at Down One Bar at 5 pm
Doc Crow’s for dinner at 7 pm
• More random bars based on proximity.

Saturday (4/2):
Woodford Reserve Tour at 11 am (arrival at 10:45 am per WR website request)
• Lunch TBD
• Drinks at Proof on Main at 5 pm
• Dinner at Jeff Ruby at 7 pm
• Random bars based on proximity

Sunday (4/3):
• Sunday Brunch – Rivue @ Galt House, 11 am

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