E-269: Tony’s First Solo Gig!

Podcast 269, 5/1/2016 … So we originally had a full blown, traditional show recorded for this week. Unfortunately, something funky happened and we might have lost it. As such, due to our scheduled meet-up for recording our shows (which is next week: 5/8), Jason couldn’t make it this week to re-record. So I made up a solo show to ensure we had new material with which to post. Ideally, we’ll be back next week for a usual 30-minute show, but no promises. You might be stuck with Tony only for a few more shows, TBD.

In the mean time, Tony takes 4 phone calls from our friends: Wendell, Mitchell, Ryan & Ted. They all offer some great insights and we really appreciate their calls. We’d encourage you to leave us a voicemail message so that when we had a short show, we can supplement our time with your great calls. Tony also drinks the Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale beer, man is that tasty. Finally, we wrap up with a legal gaming segment that might sound awfully familiar to a certain movie we all know & love!!

We’re running a give away, by the way! For those that will pop over to iTunes and leave us a 4 or 5 star with comment review, we’re going to pick a winner and send them a $40 value gift pack of goodies we bought from Maker’s Mark & Woodford Reserve. The direct link is in our show notes below so just click and leave us a write up! If you’re already left us a review, don’t worry, you’re already registered and in the running for the gift package!

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