E-276: Noah’s Mill Bourbon, Excalibur Cameroon & Ashton Symmetry; Gambling Q&A

Podcast 276, 6/19/2016 … While we were celebrating the Vice Lounge Online 5-Year Anniversary, Tony picked up a bottle of the Noah’s Mill Bourbon! We tasted it and loved it. From there, we review the Excalibur Cameroon & Ashton Symmetry cigars and finally, we continue our gambling question & answers!

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4 thoughts on “E-276: Noah’s Mill Bourbon, Excalibur Cameroon & Ashton Symmetry; Gambling Q&A

  1. Mike Reply

    I love Cameroon-wrapped cigars. Fuente Hemingways and Dominican Partagas among my favorites. (Catching up on your podcasts.)

    • tony Post authorReply

      Agreed, Mike. The more of the Cameroon wrapped cigars I smoke, the more I love them! They really are very tasty! They add such a nice flavor that one doesn’t get from a Connecticut wrapped cigar. I tell people all the time: You get most of your flavor from the wrapper, so pay particular attention to that when you’re selecting your smokes out of the tobacconist’s humidor!

  2. Mike Reply

    That’s a debatable topic: how much flavor comes from a wrapper. Some tobacco experts claim very little.

    • Jason Reply

      Yeah. I’ve actually experimented with this with an occasional stick that unravels. The experience of smoking with and without the wrapper does, in my view, make a difference in flavor — but there’s a ton of nuance there.

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