Podcast 278: Bottom-Shelf Scotch; Cigar Grips; Legalities of Finding Keno Tickets

Podcast 278, 7/3/16 … In this action-packed episode, Jason and Tony review Lauder’s blended Scotch — a bottom-o’-the-barrel homage to poor people everywhere — then we explore the fun pseudoscience behind what your cigar grip says about you. See image, below. Finally, Tony recycles a 360 Legal Lounge segment to share what happens when you find a winning discarded keno ticket.

Stay tuned after the show for outtakes. And remember — we’re now on a brief summer vacation, so throughout July and August we’ll be releasing shows every other week, instead of weekly. Watch this blog or our Facebook or Twitter pages for exciting details, as they arise, about a special offering we’re planning for you during what otherwise looks like a lull in the show. W00t!


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