E-283: Jack Daniels Single Rye; Undercrown Shade; Macanudo Estate Reserve #8; 10 Things To Think About In A Casino

Podcast 283, 9/4/2016 … Welcome back to our weekly schedule of the Vice Lounge Online. This is Labor Day weekend and you know what that means…it’s unofficially the end of summer. As such, the VLO boys are back with their weekly schedule of vicey goodness!

This week? We drink the (fairly) new Jack Daniels Single Rye which was only release back in April of this year. If you need a nudge into the Rye world, this Jack Daniels Single Barrel Rye is the beverage for you. Smooth but still spicy thanks to the Rye, even a George Dickle fan will like this stuff.

Then we talk cigars, specifically: The Drew Estate Undercrown Shade. This shade is not like the normal Undercrown. It’s got a much lighter body which means that folks who enjoy a more mild to medium smoke will be able to appreciate it. Also, the Manacundo Estate Reserve #8 is clearly making a move for the more bold flavors than its predecessors. These sticks are both worth a try. By the way, make sure to check out www.famous-smoke.com/cigar-pairing for a fun way to select which cigar would pair best with your cocktail of choice.

Finally, we share with you 10 thinks to think about next time you make your way into a casino. Some of these you might already know, but there might be a few that you may not have thought about. Casino is designed to get you there, keep you there and entice you to gamble there. I see nothing wrong with that…so long as you know what you’ve getting yourself into first!

But this week’s content shouldn’t be missed…and neither should the outtakes at the end!

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6 thoughts on “E-283: Jack Daniels Single Rye; Undercrown Shade; Macanudo Estate Reserve #8; 10 Things To Think About In A Casino

  1. Mike Reply

    Thanks again for the shout out, guys! I am a big fan of Undercrown (I have not tried the shade line). They’re a far better value than the Liga line, IMO. Those aren’t worth the price to me.

    • tony Post authorReply

      What? Blasphemy! =) Actually, I respect that, for sure. And the fact “the powers that be” consider the Shade to be an inexpensive substitute of the #9 is a testament to the greatness that is the Shade. I will for sure be adding this stick to my normal rotation.

    • tony Post authorReply

      All fair points. Although I think Jason will take great exception to the F.O.X. sleight! 😉 That said, I look forward to trying this Cameroon-wrapped Hemingway cigar. I’ll look for it!

      • jason Reply

        No, I agree with Mike — the Opus X can be sublime when it’s spot-on, but sometimes it can be … blah. One of the most consistently inconsistent cigars I’ve experienced, flavor-wise.

        • Mike Reply

          Ha! Take that, Tony! 🙂 Hope you get to try a Hemingway soon. The Short Story is a great intro to the line at an affordable price.

  2. Mike Reply

    I’ve tried the Liga a couple times and it was not bad, but not worth the $20 or so I paid.

    I feel the same about Fuente’s Opus X. I have had it several times. I liked it, but only once did I really enjoy the smooth spice so many talk about. The Cameroon-wrapped Hemingway line is much better to me.

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