E-286: Flor de Cana; Davidoff Escurio, Blackjack Table Conditions

Podcast 286, 9/25/2016 … Sorry for the delay in getting this to you! Jason and Tony went to the Horseshoe Hammond (Indiana) casino yesterday (Saturday, 9/24) and Jason couldn’t stop winning money on EVERYTHING he touched. As such, Jason got back to Grand Rapids and Tony to Dimondale Manor around 1:30 am. Subsequently, after napping all day, Tony’s wife lovingly reminded him that he still needed to edit and post this week’s podcast.

Thanks to make of our friends on the VLO Facebook page, we try the Flor de Cana 18-year rum! As a birthday treat for Mr. Gillikin, Tony went out and purchased a $50 bottle of rum for the guys to review and discuss on the podcast!

From there, Tony briefly reviewed the Leaf by Oscar, a smoke that Jason discussed a few podcast episodes ago. What a fantastic cigar, one that both mild to medium bodied cigar smokers will enjoy. As a birthday treat for Jason, Tony also bought for Jason the Davidoff Escurio cigar, a wonderful Brazilian created stogie. The last aspect of the cigar segment is where the boys talk about how best to minimize the harshness that you experience during that last one-third to one-quarter of your cigar. They’ll offer up some tips & tricks to maximizing the enjoyment of the cigar to the nub.

The last segment, gambling, as been a surprising success, thanks to the receptive nature of our audience. Because of your positive feedback, we added an additional Blackjack Basics segment covering proper gambling conditions at the Blackjack table.

But this week’s content shouldn’t be missed…and neither should the outtakes at the end!

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5 thoughts on “E-286: Flor de Cana; Davidoff Escurio, Blackjack Table Conditions

  1. Mike Reply

    Hey guys–

    I can’t remember if you have mentioned this before, but did you know that in the last few months, all Caesars properties in Nevada have gone to a red light/green light system for drink comps at bartop VP machines? It’s based on coin-in, bet per hand and speed of play?

    High-value cardholders may have an easier time, bartenders have far less discretion in handing out drinks.

    I’ve read that the Mirage uses a ticket system for drinks at least at some bars as well.

    • jason Reply

      I had heard that it was in the works, but I wasn’t aware that it had been universally deployed. Which is a sign of how long it’s been since I’ve been to a CET property in NV.

  2. Mike Reply

    Apparently after a trial run at a few properties, it was implemented over the summer.

    You put in money, the light comes on (only the bartender can clearly see it). It turns green if you start playing at a steady pace for max coin. Green light = free drinks.

    You stop for too long or cut back, it goes red. And if the bartender misses the light on your machine being green, no drink for you. Here’s a story:


    • jason Reply

      Hmm. I guess I’ll find out next May when I’m back on the Strip. Going to FSE in two weeks for VIMFP. For what it’s worth, Tony and I were at Horseshoe Hammond two weeks ago and the system didn’t appear to be implemented there … although, come to think of it, we paid for all our drinks.

  3. Mike Reply

    Indiana doesn’t allow free alcohol to be served to gamblers, as far as I know. Only a handful of states do, and even some of those — like Michigan’s commercial casinos — don’t bother.

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