E-292: A Very Drunk Episode

Podcast 292, 11/6/2016 … Remember in the 80’s when television shows were known for having “Very Special Episodes” that would tackle hard hitting issues of the day? We’ll this week we have a podcast that’s equal parts traditional VLO and outtakes. If fun to do these shows 4 at a time, but by the time we get to show’s 3 & 4, the the alcohol takes the train a wee-bit off the tracks…or in this week’s show, WAY off the track!

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8 thoughts on “E-292: A Very Drunk Episode

  1. Mike Reply

    I think I told you guys a while ago surrender is (was) available at some tables it the Monte Carlo. At least as of a couple years ago.

  2. Mike Reply

    The table minimums sign at the MC had “Surrender available” in small print. Don’t know about early or late. I never played there.

    • Jason Reply

      Unrelated subject, Mike — Tony and I are planning to meet with Vegas Fanboy at Churchill’s in Birmingham on 12/3. If you’re available, let us know.

  3. Mike Reply

    Damn! I’m going to be out of town. I hope you guys are going to be eating dinner there.

    • tony Post authorReply

      Well, yes and no. Not when we were initially planning on going but Jason and I have been there to eat, yes. We sent the weekend after Halloween because a long-time college friend of ours held a Halloween party at her home in Royal Oak. It was a $300 night for me, $100 in food and $200 in cigars for the humidor. But I got a lot of sticks for my money, so I’m not complaining. Dinner didn’t need to be so expensive but I had 2-3 cocktails, ordered a app., got a huge chunk of meat and a side (which are done a la carte), and then an after dinner drink to pair with my after dinner cigar. Looking back on it, I guess it was expensive but I make $300 stretch over a lot of area.

  4. Mike Reply

    I haven’t been in some time, but I love that place. It’s like its 1975 in there: Ashtrays on every table, great steaks and cocktails and a fair amount of eye candy.

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