E-297: Jason Hot Chocolate #1; Macallan Edition #2; Cigar House Blends; If Disney Ran Las Vegas

Podcast 297, 12/11/16 … In this solo podcast, Jason starts with the secret to kick-butt hot chocolate. Then, in a previously recorded segment, Jason and Tony discuss the Macallan Edition No. 2 single-malt Scotch whisky. Then Jason reminds you of the potential value of a cigar house blend before speculating what would happen if Walt Disney World ran Las Vegas. Can’t miss voyage into podcasting excellence!

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2 thoughts on “E-297: Jason Hot Chocolate #1; Macallan Edition #2; Cigar House Blends; If Disney Ran Las Vegas

  1. Mike Reply

    I love Disney about as much as I love Vegas. They’re very different, but I enjoy them immensely.

    Vegas did flirt with appealing to the Disney family crowd in the 1990s without picking up any of Disney’s efficiencies. They should adapt the ability to charge via wristband… They could even link it to your player account or marker if you had one.

  2. Mike Reply

    BTW, I was in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago. You must visit the Montecristo cigar bar at Caesars. It’s right off the main lobby. Expensive VP at 1 bar, but great environment.

    And having experienced it, I am not a fan of the red light/green light/blue light bartop drink comp system.

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