E-301: Smoking in the Cold; Spiced Cinnamon Hot Toddy; Casino Licensing Dispute in Michigan

Podcast 301, 08-Jan-2017 … Another solo Jason show — but only because we BOTH have unexpected car trouble. Sheesh! But Jason starts the show with some tips for enjoying your cigars in the cold outdoors; he ends the show by offering a brief news report about a clash between the Michigan Gaming Control Board and the Michigan Auditor General about licensing at the Detroit casinos. Between those segments, an already-recorded “Jason and Tony” review of a spiced cinnamon hot toddy.

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4 thoughts on “E-301: Smoking in the Cold; Spiced Cinnamon Hot Toddy; Casino Licensing Dispute in Michigan

  1. Mike Reply

    I have an outbuilding on my property without heat that I call my “cigar house.” It has padded chairs and even a table. But it lacks electricity or ventilation. So I haven’t used it much.

  2. Mike Reply

    Is it safe to use propane in a area that doesn’t ventilate very well? I’m probably going to put a box fan near a window when I am using the cigar house. I think I can run an extension cord. I just don’t know if I’d use it enough to have an electrician put in power.

    • jason Post authorReply

      Poor ventilation isn’t a good mix for propane, but a box fan would work to reduce gas buildup. Biggest risk would be carbon monoxide poisoning, but a simple/cheap alarm would prevent problems.

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