E-309: St. Rita, Wearable Breathalyzer; Nat Sherman; NV Infrastructure

Podcast 309, 3/5/17 … 

-St. Rita & wearable breathalyzer
-Altria buys Nat Sherman
-NV rebounds without the gambler or infrastructure upgrades

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2 thoughts on “E-309: St. Rita, Wearable Breathalyzer; Nat Sherman; NV Infrastructure

  1. Mike Reply

    Thanks for using my call, guys! I look forward to the new platform.

    And again, I don’t like the resort fees and other ways Vegas boosts revenue nowadays. I just don’t see it changing.

    And based on my recent stay, the Rio is a dump. As President Trump likes to tweet, “Sad!”

    • tony Post authorReply

      Our pleasure, Mike! Thanks for the call. I agree that I don’t see the resort fee changing unless something is done legislatively. If you can offer a room for $1 and then in tiny print add in (plus $50 resort fee), why wouldn’t you? And if add’l taxes and other surcharges aren’t required to be part of the hotel price, why make the resort fees a part of it?

      The *one thing* I do consider to be bullshit is when I’m offered a “comped” room but they still charge me the resort fee. I wouldn’t have to pay for the resort fee *but for* the hotel room. I don’t have to pay tax on the hotel room, why charge me the resort fee?

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