Podcast 315: 1835 Texas Bourbon; Don Diego Privada No. 2; Las Vegas Raiders; 360Vegas Vacation 4

Podcast 315, 4/16/17 … Happy Easter! When you’ve had your fill of chocolate, pivot to the tasty 1835 Texas bourbon graciously sent to us by listener Danny Z — and pair it, perhaps, with a solid Don Diego Privada No. 2. After you’ve digested those reviews, you’ll hear your gurus of gamblin’ pontificate about a couple of Vegas-related things (the Raiders move, resort fees, 360Vegas Vacation IV). Can’t miss!

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5 thoughts on “Podcast 315: 1835 Texas Bourbon; Don Diego Privada No. 2; Las Vegas Raiders; 360Vegas Vacation 4

  1. Mike Reply


    Texas has plenty of excellent craft beers — just like most US states — that don’t taste like “piss.”

    You’re more of a brown liquor drinker, aren’t you?

    But speaking of that, Lone Star is an inexpensive, light American-style lager that you can find in Michigan pretty easily. I would not feel the need to travel with it.

    • jason Post authorReply

      I sometimes like to poke the bear living in Dallas. Ha! I am actually a fairly diverse drinker … except for beer. With beer, I just can’t stomach the mass-produced domestics (Miller, Bud, Coors). Craft, all the way. Maybe because I’m spoiled in that I live within walking distance of several lovely breweries/taprooms, including Founders and Brewery Vivant.

  2. Mike Reply

    As much as I love the monorail and use it every time I’m in Vegas, it’s been a bust for its investors. It was totally privately financed and plagued with problems during construction and after. The monorail will not be expanded anytime soon, and I doubt ever.

  3. Mike Reply

    You know how I feel about resort fees… Congress is not going to get involved in this.

    Plenty of hotels outside Vegas now have resort fees and airlines have made billions charging extra for bags, food, water and seats in the mid-front of the plane.

    Most websites, even room resellers, today do disclose that a resort has fees and gives a rough estimate of them, even if it’s in smaller print than the “$25/NIGHT” in all-caps.

    As long as the real final cost is noted before you book, there’s no reason for lawmakers to get involved.

    • jason Post authorReply

      Never underestimate the power of Congress to make things worse! 🙂

      Also — hold tight. Looks like in August, Tony and I are doing a “VLO weekend” where server migration is on the menu.

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