E-329: Devil’s Creek River whiskey; RyJ 1875 & Punch Puro; Casino Gaming Experiences

Podcast 329, 7/23/17 …So we’re finally back and able to make our schedules work for the purposes of providing new content. That said, we’re going to run through the next six weeks with one show every other week. Come September, we anticipate we’ll be back to our traditional weekly podcasts.

That said, this week we drink the Devil’s Creek River whiskey, a gracious (and delicious) gift from our friend Shawn & Feliz from Texas!! It’s a great whiskey and we couldn’t be more appreciative for their kind and thoughtful gift.

Next, Tony will re-review the Romeo y Julieta 1875, a cigar that really is a staple smoke that you’re going to be able to find in every smoke shop and in most place with a quality humidor. We also talk about what it means to be a standard cigar, easily accessible in more “non-brick & mortar” cigar shops. Then Jason will review the Punch Puro Nicaragua and why this smoke has become his “Go To” cigar.

Finally, we discuss the our best and worst casino experiences. Times we had a great time and times when it really, really stunk! Like, stunk so bad we should have just thrown our cash off the bridge into the Grand River (or the Devil’s Creek river…HA!…see what I did there!?!?!?)

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3 thoughts on “E-329: Devil’s Creek River whiskey; RyJ 1875 & Punch Puro; Casino Gaming Experiences

  1. Mike Reply

    Tony, I have no problems visiting Vegas alone or gambling alone. There’s plenty of friendly — or drunk — people around the tables or slots and playing VP or shooting craps keeps me occupied. I’d rather go to Vegas alone and smoke cigars than hang out with someone who didn’t like to do either.

    • tony Post authorReply

      Mike, I’d question your mental well being if you went to Vegas with someone that likes neither cigars nor gambling! =)

  2. Mike Reply

    Well that describes my wife. Is that why I’ve only been to Vegas with her once? 🙂

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