E-340: Old Rip Van Winkle; Horse Betting; Perla del Mar Cigar

Podcast 340, 10/29/17 … This week we have the unbelievable opportunity, thanks to incredible friend of the show Eric Rosenthal, to drink the Old Rip Van Winkle 10 bourbon, a white whale in the bourbon world. This was gifted to the VLO guys after a great whiskey tasting in Eric’s Paris Las Vegas suite during Vegas Vacation 5 over the Labor Day weekend. Eric was not only able to track this down but then gifted it to the show. Thank you, thank you, Eric!

Because of all the alcohol I brought back from Vegas, thanks to our gracious listeners, it got me to wondering what the rules were for traveling with alcohol both in your checked luggage, as well as, in your carry-on bag.

Then we go through the popular terms in horse racing and what they actually mean.

Finally, Jason reviews a Perla del Mar cigar.

Oh…and we didn’t make it to Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

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