Podcast 349: New Year Predictions for Las Vegas

Podcast 349, 12/31/2017 … Jason and Tony share their predictions for Las Vegas and casino gaming in general—our long-running tradition for the end-of-year show!

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 349: New Year Predictions for Las Vegas

  1. Mike Reply

    Just getting caught up on your podcasts… I am doubtful the monorail expansion goes anywhere. Ridership is still far below projections and I doubt they’ll get the private funding.

    As for a drink ticket system on the casino floor for slot machines, it could be. I’ll be curious if the pushback from cocktail waitresses in stronger because they’re far more of them than bartenders.

    Lastly, I don’t think downtown’s success will have any impact on what the corporate casinos on the Strip do. Many people visit Vegas and never go down there. I’ve talked to co-workers who have been to Vegas many times and have never set foot on “dirty, homeless” Fremont Street.

  2. Mike Reply

    It’s interesting about the Cromwell. I still miss the late, great Barbary Coast. In Vegas, I still prefer going downtown to playing a Strip game — even with good odds — at $10-$15 a hand. The bartop VP machines still have typical pay tables. Is the red light/green light system instituted there?

  3. Mike Reply

    And BTW regarding sports betting: No state outside Nevada currently has fully legal, bet-on-anything wagering. A few states (Delaware, Oregon I think) have legal parlay bets like Caesars Windsor in Ontario. But the sports book there is nothing like a Vegas book, as you know.

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