Take the Audience Survey

Your viceroys of vice are partnering with Podtrac to collect download metrics. We know we have a ton of listeners thanks to our own server’s data feed, but we’d like to know more about you. This information is helpful to us to better align our content to our audience.

The survey from Podtrac is a standard consumer-engagement assessment (one that, significantly, we cannot customize). Should take about 10 minutes. We see aggregate responses plus individual free-text comments. We cannot tie results to individuals.

Heads up: In addition to answering questions about how you consume media, you’ll be asked questions about VLO content and delivery. Plus, you’ll be asked demographic data. If you’re not comfortable answering any of the standard questions, please skip them. Your data are safe with Podtrac. They’re a leading analytics and aggregation service for podcasters worldwide.

We’ll keep the link open until around May.

Thanks for helping us to fine-tune our programming!

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