Bonus Show: MichiGrain!

In this special one-off bonus show, we share an interview with Mike Bird of MichiGrain Distillery in downtown Lansing, Michigan.

Podcast 380: Is There An Echo In Here?

Recording challenge, per usual — wrong mic selected. D’oh. We cover the Zino Platinum Rocket cigar, drink the Elmer T. Lee bourbon; and chat about the difference between Strip, Downtown, and locals casinos.

Podcast 377: Four Old Forester Bourbons; Casino Carnival Games; Davidoff Las Vegas; The T

Raise your glencairns in tribute to a quadruple-header: We review four Old Forester bourbons — the Classic 86, the 1870 Original Batch, the 1897 Bottled in Bond and the 1920 Prohibition Style. Then we informally chat about Jason’s observations playing new-to-him carnival games at the casino. We wrap up with a pair of cigar reviews: Tony enjoys the Davidoff Las Vegas while Jason puffed on The T.