Podcast 80: Old Cuban; Alec Bradley American Classic Cigar; Frequency of Gambling Sessions

Jason and Tony loosen up the podcast format a bit; we start with an on-air mixing of the Old Cuban mixed drink (thoughtfully introduced by a caller) then, while sipping away, reminisce about the Alec Bradley American Classic cigar. Then the conversation winds up with a simple question: From the casino’s perspective, does it make more sense to play more frequently with a smaller bankroll, or less frequently with a larger bankroll?

Podcast 65: Bankroll Divisions; Smoking Rejects; Fernet

Tony gives his take on the conventional wisdom of budgeting your gambling bankroll, then the dudes discuss the benefits of smoking “reject,” no-label cigars from premium vendors. Jason wraps it up with a brief discussion of Fernet — the best alcoholic beverage you’re not drinking.

Bankroll Allocation

It’s not uncommon for gambling gurus (people like me, Tony) to tell you that a key to good money management in a casino is to allocate a certain amount of …

Podcast 49: Bankroll Philosophy; Macanudo Maduro Vintage 97; Balblair 97

Woohoo, podcast 49! Join the guys as Tony raises some interesting points about bankroll philosophy, then Jason and Tony share their observations about the Macanudo Maduro Vintage 1997 Toro. Wrapping it up: A mini-review of Balblair 97, a lovely Highlands whisky, and a detour around the idea of training your nose to detect flavor.