Podcast 217: CET Tier Credit Inflation; Rehabbing a Humidor; Putting the Pear in Pear Brandy

In this concise yet compelling show, Jason and Tony discuss a recent Vegas Chatter thread about tier-score inflation at Caesar’s Entertainment. Then Tony shares his techniques for rehabbing his long-disused humidor. Then the barons of brandy tell you, our dear and beloved listeners, how the pear gets into the pear brandy, thanks to a hat tip from Julie. Social shout-outs round out the program. Enjoy!

Podcast 64: Diamond in a Day; Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill Review; Tomatin 12-year Single Malt; Spirits for Noobs

After listening to Tony ad-lib it about how to “Diamond in a Day” with Caesar’s Entertainment, Jason reviews the Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill cigar — Cigar Aficianado’s #1 pick for 2011 — and addresses criticism of whether CA tips the scales for advertisers. Then Jason and Tony share their impressions about the Tomatin 12-year single-malt Scotch they’re sipping before providing their top brand choices for each class of spirit, for drinkers new to that spirit. A 40-minute extravaganza of fun and wisdom … or something like that.

Podcast 56: Caesar’s Entertainment Property Sell-Off; Four Cigar Reviews; Dealing with Corked Wine

Join Jason and Tony as they speculate about a potential Midwest property sell-off by Caesar’s Entertainment. Then Jason shares his perspective on four recent cigars he’s enjoyed: the Davidoff Double R, the Padron Serie 1926, the Gurkha Cellar Reserve and the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo. We wrap it up with a sad anecdote about a bottle of expensive port with a decomposing cork, and how you can fix similar problems.