Podcast 426: @KYPeerless Rye Honey Oak & Citrus Manhattan; @CastleAndKey Martini; The Oscar from @OVcigars; Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua; Losing at Winstar; Shiny New Horseshoe Southern Indiana

In our first recording session back from summer vacation, we share snippets of the fun Jason and Tony had in Louisville, KY and that Jason had in Denton, TX. Through which, we sample a Manhattan made with Peerless Rye’s special Honey Oak & Citrus whiskey. We also enjoy a martini made with Castle & Key gin. Jason delighted in The Oscar, hand-picked for him by Oscar Valladares himself at Cigar Frogs in Texas; Tony smoked a Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua. Finally, we share Jason’s gambling woes at the Winstar Casino & Resort in Oklahoma while we marvel in the soon-to-be-finished construction project at the Horseshoe Southern Indiana. So much content, so little time.

Podcast E-247: Evan Williams Single Barrel, Cigar Myths, Casino Would You Rather

This week we enjoy the Evan Williams Single Barrel bourbon. While usually considered to be a “bottom shelf” bourbon. Next we discuss what we consider to be the 7 most common cigar myths that have taken on a truth of their own…except there’s little truth to them at all. Finally, we play a fun game of “Would You Rather…” in the casino. We ask the other person which of two terrible options would they rather chose over the other.