Podcast 219: Mata Hari cocktail, Casinos 2016 & the New Orleans Smoking Ban

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women and mothers out there in podcast-land! This week we honor all mothers with a Mata Hari cocktail, then we roll into the 2016 election debate, how will casinos fare? Finally, we pontificate wildly about the New Orleans Anti-Smoking lawsuit and that that will mean for those who enjoy fine quality cigars!

Podcast 124: Trip Report Y’All; Escalating to the Pit Boss; Vato Cigars; Appreciating Gin; Social Shout-Outs

In this action-packed extravaganza of awesomeness, Roux calls in a trip report from Deep South casinos — part of the Denton Dallas & Beyond Southern Tour 2013 — prompting Tony to offer advice on when to escalate to a pit boss. Then your favorite Brothers of the Leaf briefly discuss Vato Cigars (more to come!) before Jason shares tips on growing a palate for gin … and absinthe! We wrap up with Tony’s usual litany of social-media shout-outs. Can’t miss!