Podcast 351: Administrivia; M-43 IPA; Macanudo Gold Label; H Upmann AJ Fernandez; Christmas Trip Report

Wowza! Lots to go through. We start with some administrative notes about our website redesign and new functionality. Then we review the M-43 N.E. India Pale Ale, a gift from listener Patrick from Grand Rapids. Tony tells a story about why he picked up a Macanudo Gold Label cigar, then Jason offers a review of the H Upmann AJ Fernandez Churchill. We wrap it up with Tony’s report of his annual family Christmas holiday in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

Podcast 311: Tony’s Adventure in Belize

Freshly returned from a vacation excursion to lovely, tropical Belize, Tony shares tales of smoking, drinking and gambling in Central America. And while he spins his yarns, your princes of podcasting sip an oh-so-tasty Caribbean Rum Punch.